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Just a little snippet of DVTV #19.. You can peep the whole thing HERE and stay tuned every Friday afternoon. Much love to the Delicious Vinyl crew!

Concept Record/Tour FTR + PHIL (Europe in August 2011)!

Allow me to introduce you to Phil Nisco aka Phil Nisco

I have been working with Phil on different music projects since 2004. Naturally, He became a live collaborator in some of the first Free the Robots live performances, and has somehow been involved with FTR music till this day.

He is currently working on his solo debut, at the same time, I am about to release my new EP on 8/16. We are both co-owners of The Crosby, and over the past 5 years we’ve been trying to find balance, fueling our creative endeavors, while running a restaurant/bar/venue. This means 24 hours of grind for 5 years strait..

In the midst of chaos behind our daily lives, we thought it would be a good idea to take a mental break, and change the scenery.

This August we will be taking our studios overseas for a quick tour/ collab-recording session. basically we’re giving ourselves one week in a foreign environment to record 3 songs each, pulling inspiration only from our surroundings and experiences. The recording week will be spent in Amsterdam. lets see what happens..

On the weekends we will be playing shows as a duo, like we did in the old days:

(Live at the Low End Theory 2008)

More details on shows coming soon… STAY TUNED!

Another Sunny day in Los Angeles… Last week I stopped by the Knocksteady offices of DTLA for a quick live session and interview. Go to Knocksteady to download the full session.

The past few weeks have been quite an experience. Europe’ you been sooooo good to us! Just wanted to say Thank you for the hospitality, the good vibes, the good food, and for coming out in support of this music. Much LOVE!

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The past few weeks have been quite an experience. Europe’ you been sooooo good to us! Just wanted to say Thank you for the hospitality, the good vibes, the good food, and for coming out in support of this music. Much LOVE!

Surprise!! Thom Yorke in the building!

Photos by Lee ‘Intuition’ Shaner at Knocksteady

It’s unexpected to see Thom Yorke perform in a dive-bar setting, but this past Wednesday night wasn’t like any other night in recent memory at Low End Theory, L.A.’s premier venue for cutting-edge electronic/bass sounds. In fact, Low End has recently become known for surprise guests as diverse as Odd Future and DJ Muggs in addition to regulars like Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus. But getting Thom Yorke to spin pretty much takes the cake!

That the enigmatic Radiohead singer might appear seemed a possibility when Flying Lotus posted a Facebook message this past Tuesday, saying not to miss Low End Theory “Thomorrow”; by mid-day Wednesday, the rumor that Yorke might play was in full flame on Twitter. In addition to the residents, the only artist actually advertised on the bill was local O.C. outfit Feeding People, whose debut album was recently produced by Low End homey Feed The Robots and who played a storming set of psych-rock sounds following Yorke – a refreshingly unusual choice given Low End’s usual electronic/DJ context. Feed The Robots played a great, unannounced set as well, but the crowd was clearly there to see Yorke, whom even Low End founder Daddy Kev wasn’t sure was going to make it. That possibility didn’t deter the around-the-block line of club-goers from waiting to see their hero, however.

Eventually Radiohead’s resident beat head turned up, though, heading straight to the stage where he commanded the decks to a roaring house. Yorke started playing around 11pm, with his collaborator and friend Flying Lotus rocking by his side like an avant-garde hype man. Yorke’s instincts proved correct in moving the eclectic crowd, pleasing the Low End faithful with everything from rap to techno, tropicalia to electro-dancehall. It was an epic night and a masterful stroke of good will and PR , leaving regular patrons agog and new friends with their minds blown that the Radiohead main man himself would possibly be amongst them. The reality actually paid off well beyond the actual promise – props must ultimately go to Low End, who have raised the bar for potential mind blowing yet again, proving this scene remains as vital as ever.

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