The original OBEY Radio crew takes over tonight at Eighty Two, Arcade bar in Los Angeles 👾

Take a risk and make something great happen, even if it doesn’t last forever. Some of the best times of my life were spent on the grind with my team, fam, and friends all under one roof.. It all started 6 years ago today.  (at The Crosby)

I recently contributed to the soundtrack of “The Signal.” Watch the official trailer and stay tuned..

Rhettmatic, Mr. Len, & Prince Paul are the Dirty Disco Squares. Watch the video about how the band got back together and why you should never buy cars from ‘Whips n Shit’ :)

The Xu Zhen exhibit is happening this weekend at the Armory Show in Manhattan. Here is a preview his work and approach + an artsy FTR track called “Last Night” lurking in the background…

3 Unreleased track previews along with SUPE (FMK, DFW, PVC).. Cali to Paris united #PyramidPatrol to be continued…

Flashback: 3 months in 15 seconds… Always grateful for lifes blessings.. Humbled, inspired and excited for what lies ahead.. Cheers to infinity!

Grateful for everyone with open minds and open arms all over world. To be able to say what I have to say without saying a word is a blessing, and I am forever thankful. Forget cultural misconceptions; We’re all one. Music is the universal language no matter where we are in the world.. #ThankYouForListening #WorldwideFamily

(at last Friday in the Middle East)

"There’s so much to say, and I’m trying to express all these different moods and energies. Hopefully, people get something spiritual out of it."

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